Follow your next 5.


The biggest obstacle,

We put between us and our purpose,

Is the perceived task,

Of finding our purpose.


When we’re in a place where life

Is stagnant, unsatisfying, unsettling,

We often think in terms of 180 degree turns,

Rather than considering the massive possibilities

Five degrees

Shakes open in our life.


We can think,

The extreme of change required,

Is in direct proportion,

To the pain or frustration we’re feeling.


And the pursuit of big change,

Often leads to no change,

Because it’s daunting.




But, 5 degrees by 5 degrees,

We make internal shifts,

And watch how our life,


And watch how our sense of alignment,

Of purpose,


Driven by internal change,

Versus any outside thing

We chase.


When you find you’re stalled,

You’re likely looking at 180 again.

Look to your next 5 degree action.

Purpose is not a destination,

It’s a creation.

And each next step

Brings important information.


What if,

Backwards, forwards, sideways

Is not the point?

That all the power,


The next step

Shows up *after* you take

The single step,

You see to take



5 degrees by 5 degrees.


And you wake up one day,

And realize,

You love your life.

Not because it's perfect,

But, because it's yours.