Open your life

When things get difficult,

You can choose to open,

Or choose to close.


Choose to open.


It may hurt,




It will also,

Keep you very present.

Aware of how you are feeling,

Curious what you’re learning,

And, able to choose

How you want to be,

In this situation.


When we close,

We snap into auto pilot.

We’re not choosing,

We’re defaulting,

To behaviors designed to protect.

Often knee jerk reactions,

And still our responsibility.


When we soften,

We become awake in the moment,

And we touch choice.

What do we want to create from this

Difficult, difficult situation?


We can see more clearly

The why,

And the what,

Of our lesson.

As a result,

We stand more powerfully.


Not throwing that power out at another,

But standing clear in our being,

And showing up for what’s there,

And choosing what to do about it,

Rather than reacting.


When choice comes,

Choose open.

It takes effort,

It’s scary,

And it’s your PhD course

To your power.


Own your choices.

Do your work.