To get to your "next", you're going to have to ebb.

What if life isn’t meant to flow all the time? 

That there aren’t geosynchronous coordinates

That once we align ourselves perfectly with,

THEN comes the flow.

And a lot of it.



What if you can be in flow

AND out of flow

Whether you’re in the right job,

Are living your purpose,

Are on the right track,

Or not?


What if




Changes in your trajectory occur

When ebbing?


That ebbs

Are equally as powerful

As flows,

Just not fun,

Particularly invigorating,

Or kick ass times.

What if

They ask of us a whole different

Kind of attention,

Of growth?


What if

The ebb

Is the turn?

The place your life is talking to you.

The place to really listen


An important balancing out of self.


And what if

You let it be uncomfortable?

Because to get to your “next,”

You’re going to have to ebb. 

It’s not a sign of catastrophe.

It’s your life opening you up