Find Your Power

Weeds, flowers and your future.

Isn’t it weird how,

One day,

We can plant the seed of flower

In our garden of weeds

And, over time,

A bold, beautiful bloom

Changes the language

Of our garden?


We love it.

It’s gorgeous.

So excited to see the green,

And the color,

And all it brings to the garden.



When no more flowers appear

And no we haven’t planted anymore,

We get discouraged, disappointed, annoyed

Reach in,

And pull it out.


Forget it.

We’re never going to have a flower garden.

And there are way too many weeds

To even try anyway.


Practicing new beliefs,

Challenging our interpretations

That lock our life down,

Is like this.



The flower among the weeds

Shows up so fast.

Sometimes it’s so much effort.


What we miss

Is that we did it.

We have evidence of change in our life.

Maybe it’s small,

And it was a labor,

But it happened.


Instead we see lots of weeds,

And “a” flower is not enough.

And we stop,

Give up,

Decide we can’t.

When “we can”

Is right in front of us.

Growing amongst the weeds,

But growing.  


You nurture the weeds,

Or nurture new growth

What are you tending in your garden?