Gratitude when things are so hard.

Have you ever gone through something so deeply hard,

And right in the mess of it

Had moments of real gratitude for your life?


It’s so curious to me. 

I recognized that I’m coming out of one of the hardest periods of my life,

Where almost all the ground beneath me

Was torn up and moved.

And I’m feeling genuine gratitude.


It doesn’t even really compute,

Feeling gratitude when “it’s” just so bad.

At least not from my old thinking,

That when things get on-your-knees difficult,

It’s because something is wrong.

Wrong with me.

Or something I’m doing in my life.

Or something I’m being in my life.


When I shifted my story about on-your-knees difficult,

It was still difficult.  :)

But, fundamentally,

I wasn’t broken, flawed or in danger anymore.

I was going through change

That happens in EVERY life.

That happens FOR every life.

To help me find even more alignment.

To help answer questions I’d been asking.


I just didn’t expect the answer to come so brutally.


But sometimes

They do.   

Not because there’s something wrong with you.





This really is happening

Because of you.

Because of yearnings in your life,

The clarity you’re seeking,

The listening you’re doing to how you’re feeling,

The discontent you might be experiencing.

Tough things are happening

In service of YOU.

For you.

Not to you.


Walking in the dark

And believing this is happening for you,

Versus walking in the dark,

And believing it’s happening to you,

A whole different ball-game.