Why you don't want to avoid the taste of pavement.

When you take a leap of faith,

And you find yourself face down,

Consider it's not just about the type of leap you took,

it's about the WHY behind it.   


If we focus too much on the leap itself,

We put a lot of pressure on that leap to be perfect, or successful, or painless.  

We unconsciously define whether that leap was worth it,

By the scars along the way,

How much we got to taste concrete. 


What we miss seeing when we do this,

Is the shifting, broadening, opening of our life

That is happening along the way. 

That CAN happen along the way,

When failing is just another tool

On your way to getting "there." 



And fail.

And try

And rock it.

And try

And do only ok.




A lot of us need to learn how to fail,

I don't mean learn how to fail gracefully,

Or confidently,

Although, why not?

I mean,

Don't make it mean everything.

Really, "so what?"


Your ego?

Is a kid amped up on candy,

Who wants to drive the car,

Who wants everyone to listen.

You follow it,

You go in circles.

Very familiar feeling circles.

A lot.


There is a place,

Where you know you are...


Subtle music,

You only hear when you listen inward,

And when you listen frequently.


That place knows,

Failing is just not that big a deal.


When you don't confuse your ego

With who you are,

You go further in your life.

Deeper in your life.

And, interestingly,

Bolder in your life.