Getting Unstuck.

When you’re stuck. Figure out what you’re choosing.


Somewhere you have choice.

And somewhere

You are choosing.

And when you see this,

And get clear on where,

You plug in to your personal power again.


Situations will be difficult sometimes.

Taking ownership of your life within them

Doesn’t necessarily make them easier,

But it puts your feet back beneath you,

As you navigate the change

Taking place in your world.


From there,

You come into a different relationship

With the “stuck” place in your life.

That really is a game changer.


Instead of fighting it,

You accept what you don’t control,

And you can begin to create.


When you let go of the idea

That you can control all events in your world,

And really start to know

That all your power lies

In how you choose to navigate or respond,

You start putting your energy

Where it will produce

The strongest results for you.


You stop sidetracking

On whether or not “this” should be happening to you.

And start dealing,

And creating,

And seeing

What this experience

Is opening up for you.


First step,

Figure out where you have choice.

It’s there somewhere.