Why would you let anyone define it for you?

Do you know what your definition of success is?

Unconsciously we absorb everyone else’s.

And, as a result, find ourselves strangely unfulfilled

When we attain someone else’s version of it.


Of course you’re not happy.

Why would you be?

You’ve achieved society's view of success,

Not your own.


Take the time,


To define what success in your life

Looks like to you.



And get quiet,

And do the work,

And play,

To build that picture.

Your picture.



When you’re out there pursuing success,

It’s not so noisy,

And not so important,

When you don’t do it the way “they” would.



You’re tuned to your own internal compass.

Aligning to your measures.

Going after your version,

Of what brings you happiness.


We have so much power to create

That we never touch,


We just haven’t looked for it



If you want to be fulfilled,

You define your success.

Not me.

Not the world.



No traffic jam on that highway,

And there aren’t supposed to be.

It’s your highway. 

Others may travel it a while,

But, if they’re to find their success,

They’re going to need

To recognize their off-ramp.

Where their road connects,

And where it separates

From others.


While you pick up your momentum

On success that is clear,

That draws you from the inside out.

That is yours.


Before you get it

You must know what it is.