Why We Don't Like The "Getting There" Part.

Why is it so hard when we’re “getting there?”

When we’re working through something difficult,

And we’re not done yet,

But we start to see space in our life that tells us we’re "getting there."


It’s almost like that’s not good enough.

That space.


The darkest part of the experience,

And stepping back into our lives

More whole than when we started.


Important weaving is happening

While you’re “getting there.’

The loosening of your pattern

So new colors, new textures, new strength,

Can sift into your fabric.


That time where you’re not at home yet

With all that’s changed,

Likely not aware of ALL that’s changed,

All you have received.


In the “getting there”

You integrate.

You can’t walk with the world like you used to,

And you’re not quite at ease with your new movement,

But you’re starting to get the feel.

And you have moments of feeling

New ground beneath your feet.





The “getting there” part of our road is so important.

The rending of the old has completed,

And the slow, important integration  of the new

Is taking place.

You have to be there for that part too.

The tentative new growth starting to come through,

That you can’t take for granted

Because you’re not "there".

So relaxing and putting it behind you

Isn’t possible…



Really, you don’t want to “get there” yet,

Though you think you do,

Because “getting there” is where

Important new ground

Lies beneath your feet.

And you need to feel it,

To understand what it offers,

To see how it’s different from before,

So you can see all the gifts

That you’ve found.