Someone's Asking You To Dance

I think we should teach people to show up,

Not just grow up.

To learn how to let your whole self be seen.

And see others.


Showing up

Is risky,

But ,


So is not showing up.


Not showing up pretends to be safer,

But it's actually numbing.

Inside there is color wanting life,

And we’re busy playing safe

In black and white.


Be willing,

To really,

Know yourself.


And you define you.

Not as anyone else might.


Literally only you can.

Though we forget sometimes,

And wait for others

To tell us who we are.



Don’t confuse showing up,

With showing off. :)

Showing up is going to look different

For each of us.

The point is being real,

Living in all your colors.


Trying and failing,

Trying  and succeeding,

Trying and learning.

They aren’t the point,

They are the path.


YOU are the point.

Your dreams,

Your struggles,

Your hopes,

Your walk.



Do you dare?

To move towards your fears?

To risk speaking from your truth?

To begin to truly dance

With the life force that brought you?

The life that calls you?


You’re going to love your dance partner.