Why Is It So Hard To Create The Life I Want?

Until you take full responsibility for your life,

The idea that “anything is possible”

Is annoying,  :)

And cannot be touched.


And while it can be hard to hold that idea,

Your life lightens when you pick it up.


There will always be hard things

We will run into, or by, or start.

Life will never be without challenges.

Consider it’s not supposed to,

As they are what

Help you form.


You come to a new relationship with

“I’ve got this”

When you take full responsibility,

Because you really DO have it.


No more waiting for someone else,

To change.

Or “grow up.”

Or listen,

Or appreciate you.


When you own your life,

All of it,

You get to create all this.

For you.

You get to move into action

In support of the life you want to live,

The experiences you want to have,

The things you want to accomplish.


And you stop misunderstanding

That others need to be in alignment,

As defined by you,

For you to walk your walk. 


Everybody is busy walking their walk.

And some of us are grasping at others

To walk for us,

To create for us,

And it’s not working.


Taking responsibility for your life

All of it,

Frees up others to do the same.

Not that it matters,

Because once you connect to yourself like this,

You see

Anything really is possible.


The goal is not to separate,

To live apart from each other.

By coming home to ourselves,

We clear space to be there

For, and with,





You are not alone like this.

Not separate.

You are actually more connected.

More reachable.

More clear.