Acceptance is power.

Some change changes our life overnight.

Some change changes our life over years.

When you can see the process of change

As important as the new destination you’re seeking,

You relax more into all the shifting

Going on around you.  

In you.


We want things to get better now.

Or tomorrow.

Or next week.

Not a year or years from now.

That’s no good.


But what if, on the longer roads we travel,

Tiny things are shifting and changing in us?

Leading us to someplace very new,

Very different,

And very amazing.

Then is the long road worth it?


When we go through change

That is slow

And painful,

And hard,

And “un-fun,”

It feels like a lot of endings,

With no beginnings.


Sometimes, we’ll force a beginning

To get away from the feeling of the ending.

It doesn’t work often,

And it is you robbing you of things you are meant to learn.


Change takes time sometimes.

And, when you’re slogging down that road,

Remember, even though it doesn’t feel like it matters at the time,

The longer the road,

The deeper the gifts.


Collect the gains, instead of the losses.

Both are beautiful.

Both disrupt.

And both are for you.