Destruction and Creation


Our life must fall apart.


To allow for

What’s next.


Like with Legos,

You can’t build the new

Without the raw materials of the old.

Without taking apart the old.


There is a quiet

That has potential,

That comes after

Life shatters the ground beneath your feet.


It doesn’t feel like possibly,

When we’re sitting in the pieces

Of our old life

And wanting what was,



Fighting it.

Resenting it.

Feeling victimized by it.

All are necessary

In the healing,

And the emerging.


Kneeling in the pieces,

Opening to their words,

You’ll begin to feel

Something new

Slowly taking shape.


The possibility of creation,

Of the unknown,

Of gathering the pieces of yourself,

That were stuck in the darkness,

And taking steps on faith

Versus guarantee.


The unknown is full of huge potential.

Of steps that

In our old,



We wouldn’t take.


Steps that draw creation to your world,

That challenge you,

That open you;

Steps you’d never have taken,

Without the ground shifting beneath you.


You’re winning.

Though, for a while,

Sometimes a long while,

It doesn’t feel like that.