Forget About Getting It Right.

I think I just didn’t know,

That I could feel at home like this

In the world.

That I had the power

To create,

And connect,

And experience .


And that it wasn’t about survival.

It’s about exploring,


Sometimes hard things.

Faintly hearing a call,

To find your flavor

Of being in the world.


And that it was as ‘simple’

As stopping,

And looking inward,

And listening bigger,

And listening different.

And how utterly fulfilling that is.

And how uncomfortable that is.


But then,

It’s also uncomfortable living

Someone else's frame for your life,

Instead of your own.

However we walk in our lives,

We will learn what we are supposed to.

We will experience what we are supposed to.

We will love and stumble,

Like we’re supposed to.


You do not have to worry about getting “it” right.

You do not have to worry about not living your life.

Whatever road you find beneath your feet at any moment

Is the right road.

Whether it teaches,



It’s always for you.


Make space to know that.

To explore that.

To know you.

Or don't.


We are always living the life we are meant to live.