Being Good Versus Getting Good.

Wanting to be good at something Vs.  wanting to get good at something

So many of us, myself included,

Want to be good at every new thing we do.

And we don’t want to spend time





Because that’s not helping.

That’s not productive.


Really though?


If life is ours for the exploring,

And I believe it is,

If you stay only on the ground you know,

You’re living only a fraction of your life.


Get out there and poke at the edges of your zone.

The ones you really want to,

But, because you won’t be an A student

Out the gate,

You choose not to.


You can’t explore freely

If you don’t let yourself suck sometimes.


You have to see the value of tripping and stumbling,

As something other than “this just isn’t for me.”

Tripping and stumbling




Most of the things,

I’m so deeply thankful for

And proud of,

Have come from my willingness,

And frankly unwillingness,

To stumble

On my way to mastery.


I see that if I’m not willing to stumble,

No way I’m going to live the life I came here to live


Stumbling is your way of finding your feet in something new.

It’s important.



If I had not been willing to stumble,

I wouldn’t be the coach I am today.

And trust you me,

I didn’t go into this embracing stumbling.

But something firmer inside of me kept me walking,

Even as I stumbled and thought “I should just do what I know.”



Is the stumble free life I had

As fulfilling as my life right now.

I don’t mean I full on embrace sucking, :)

But I’m seeing that I could miss out on a lot of ways

I can serve in the world,

Ways that deeply fulfill me,

If I refuse to be wobbly or “new” at something.


It’s meant being willing to feel the fear and do it anyway.

But that life, for me, has been more fulfilling than my safe one was.

It’s counterintuitive.  

Being willing to do things you’ve never done before,

That feel a bit bigger than you,

Your survival brain yelling “you’re gonna die,"

And your soul replying “we’re going to Live.”