Why is “no” so hard to take in?

Like it’s an expression of our value.

Really though?


Make friends with “no.”

Look at what you make it mean.

And that meaning is always your choice.

And choose to make it mean something different,



What we make of things makes ALL the difference.

At the end of the day,

“No” doesn’t kill our dreams,

We do that.

With what we make “no” mean.

With the pressure we place on others to not say “no,”

With the thought we have that if we hear more “yes’s,”

Than “no’s,”

That means we’re on the right track.


It’s a bit like letting the approval of others

Decide for you whether your dream is worthwhile,

When deep inside,

You already know.


We have to listen to our inner compass.

And be willing to let others

Not get it.

Not appreciate it.

Not be as excited by it.

They aren’t supposed to.


The gift of our dreams,

Is that they are ours.

And they ask of us,

That we be willing

To step towards them.

Because they’re ours.

Not because of “yes” or “no.”


That would be like

Seeing purple grapes instead of green,

And our going “forget it, I should never have wanted green,”

And going home.

And never looking for green grapes again.


The weight and meaning you put on hearing “no,”

You carry with you about saying “no.”


People get to say “no.”

You get to say “no.”

Free yourself.

And others.

Let it just be information.