It's work, it's personal, and it's important.

I’m not a fan of coaches promising to change your life forever.

Coaching doesn’t change your life forever,

You change your life forever.

And it’s work.

And it’s personal.

And it’s important.


Coaches help create a space for you to look,

And listen,

And ask questions.

To help you explore,



It’s some of the most powerful stuff I’ve experienced,

But it’s not a miracle cure.

You grow

Because of your courage to explore.



It’s humbling.

It’s challenging.

It’s freeing.





It is sacred time.

For you to truly focus on you.

The real you.

And gently,

Bring more of her to the world.

Not a miracle that once applied, you’re set.

A journey, that once you start,

“You’re set.”  :)


Puts me in awe of how life

Is for us.

And the wide potential we have

To risk,

And dare,

And explore.


There is a place of quiet

That grows deeper,

More rooted,

The more I dare

To look at myself.

To reach towards what I really want.


A still, still pond.

Powerful in its depth.

That anchors a place of quiet in me,

That deeply trusts

And makes me feel more solid in the world.


Like before more of me was reflection,

And any wind that blew

Distorted and threatened that.

But now, more of me is me.

When things outside me get uncomfortable,

I don’t try to protect my reflection … as much,

Because that’s not me.


There is power in being who

We really are.

In taking risks

We care about.

In being afraid to do something

We so want to do,

And doing it.

In navigating our life

From the inside.

From what is real for us.

And owning our truth.