Don't Confuse Your Truth With "The Truth."

I know how I really feel about something.

It’s at war sometimes

With my desire to be approved of.

And I’ve learned that you approving of me,

Literally leaves me empty


I’m not home.

Deep inside all my truths,

Stand around a campfire

Waiting for me to join them.

To step into that circle,

And feel MY life,

Inhabit my life.


Not in a way that shoves other people’s truths aside.

Your truth doesn’t have to be wrong,

For mine to be valid for me.

It really doesn’t.


We just have to loosen our frame

On thinking others have to agree with us.

So what if they don’t?

Good for them if they don’t.

Do you see?

They have their own campfire,

They are finding their way to.


You can’t live your truth

And be busy thinking you have other peoples.


All of it.


We get the huge blessing

Of walking that winding,



To living the life

We REALLY want to live.

All of us.

Not just me.


It is untrue

That you stop me from being me.

That your opinion, actions, thoughts

Cause me to feel or do anything.


All of my feelings are mine.

And so is their cause.

What you say is about you.

How I take it, is about me.


It is so freeing

When you begin to be responsible for your feelings.

It’s still hard work,

But it’s focused on the life

You get to manage.


Instead of the one(s)

You think need to change,