Sometimes Life's Hard

Sometimes things we go through in life are hard.

And it doesn’t mean we’ve done something wrong,

That we deserve it,

That it’s not fair.


It is just life. 

Being life.  

Sometimes it’s hard,

Sometimes it’s wonderful,

Sometimes it’s boring.

You can do all those things.

You’ve got this.


I believe it’s OK that things are hard sometimes.

I don’t mean I love it.  

I mean I no longer make it mean it’s the end of the world.

I see it now as just part of my growth,

Part of the experience of being alive.

So instead of being afraid that something is terribly wrong,

I now live in,

“It's ok that it's hard sometimes,"

"I can do difficult."

Not my preferred traveling method,

But I can do that too.


For the sake of who I’m becoming.

For the sake of being more open and real in the world.


The same kick-ass you that carries you through your victories,

Through the peaceful times,

Through the duller times,

She’s still there in the hard times.


The same kick-ass you,

About to become more.

You usually don’t see that at the time though.


Hard times ask us to grow.

To question things we are holding as knowns in our life,

For the sake of loosening our grip on our current definition of life,

And expanding outside our edges.

It’s beautiful out there too.


Be kind to you when you’re growing.

Things are hard because they are new.

Things are scary because old ways of thinking about your life

Are gently,

And not so gently,


To let more light in your life,

Than you could have imagined.