How side roads help you find your way.

It’s funny to me (now) that we can view side roads as “not making progress” or “getting off track”.  

I’ve been watching this at work in my own life a lot.

I don’t think any of the side roads we find ourselves on

Are mistakes or a waste of time.



Sometimes rough,

But not wasted.

I’ve observed that some of my side roads actually, more effortlessly, put me further down my path.

Some teach me important things that help me stand in my life more solidly.


What if our random exits off the main roads of our plans

Are not random at all? 

What if our “side roads” serve us just as much, if not more? 


I started ghost writing for a fellow coach about 4 months ago, 

And you might wonder why I was putting my time into ghost writing for someone else.

But here’s what happened.

As a result of the wide open space I was given to write in for her,

Four months in, I found my own voice.

I realized I was no longer writing for her,

I was actually writing for me.

From me.


Could look like  a side road.

What was I doing there when I had a road of my own to write about?

Turns out it was an important side road,

I ran into myself on it.


Consider when you’re feeling off track,

Or like you’ve wandered away from your purpose,

That this is actually an important detour.

There’s a piece of you that you’re picking up.

You just don’t see it yet.

But if you explore the question “why is this happening for me?”

You will.