Comfort isn't always fulfilling.

Though I’ve learned that being real creates simplicity and calm,

It’s still hard to “be seen."

I published a blog recently for the first time.  

As soon as I hit publish, I felt nauseous and wanted to re-edit the content. 

Mind you, I have no followers yet.

I just felt drawn to begin to put my writing out there. 

To be heard,

Or not heard as the case may be.

But to be willing to be open and be seen in this way too.


It reminds me that being comfortable isn’t always fulfilling.

That we live in a hugely creative world, open to express however we are called to do so.

And we don’t.

Because we’re not good enough yet.

We don’t have time to “play” with that kind of stuff.

It doesn’t matter to our bottom line, the practicalities of our lives.


But really,

I’m seeing,

That I don’t have time NOT to create.

THIS is my life. 

To explore.

To create, blow up, recreate and expand.

However I want.

To step off the paved, clear roads and onto less clear paths,

For the sake of living the life my soul came here to live.


And even knowing that,

And feeling inside me that this is next for me,

A part of me wants to pull my stuff down.

Wait until I’m better.


But the deal is,

Perfection is no longer my goal.

Inhabiting the precious corners of my life is.