It's not the end sweet soul.  

It's dark and hard and feels so much like the end.

 You will meet your limits,

 And be raw and open.

 You'll be in dark places for sure would never happen to you,

 And know fear that is raw and unreasonable.


 And you'll find a strength different and real (you will).

 And step forward.

 And step backward.

 But really it's forward.


 You'll wish so bad for the 'you' you thought you were,

 Who had things handled,

 Who knew how things worked.

 Locked in cement in your "knowns."

 In the dark it all collapses.

 A brutal softening.


 Small moments of hope.


 And go.

 You know there's a why.

 Can you sit in the darkness,

 And let the light in?