It really is about you.

What would happen if

We were willing operate from possibility?

To have faith,

Be uncomfortable,

And keep trying new things...

For an unreasonable amount of time?


Life has drawn my thread

Up and around and thru

In ways that have insisted

I do this.


It’s so interesting to me,

That I’m willing to do all this

For a “reasonable” amount of time.


Then I need to get back

To “reality.”




With the way our thoughts really do

Frame our experience,

The impact of seeing possibility,

And leaps of faith,

And risk,


Not reality,

Is huge.


To get where we want to get

We have to un-do ourselves.

And it’s hard,

And it’s scary,

And fun,

And invigorating.

And it will completely change the way,

You reach into what’s possible,

And relate to your life.


Do your work.

The most powerful thing

You can do for yourself,

For others,

Is your own personal work.


When we want to change a culture

By changing “them”

We’ve already failed.


A soul

Who owns its whole life,

Results and lack thereof,

Annoyances and judgements,

Who knows none of that

Is about the world around.

But is absolutely about your

World within.

That person,

Makes change happen,

By being.