I have worked with Laurie as a coach for my personal and professional life, and have been so thrilled with the results! She is so in tune with helping me connect to what is authentic for me. She has helped me navigate through my mind and the stories I can get wrapped up in, in order for me to find the answer that is right for me.  I really appreciate the tools and processes she pulls in that help me find a grounded perspective and find my answers.

- Karri Bruntz, President and Founder at Beautifully Balanced Life Inc.

Laurie is someone that has the rare combination of traits that pull from her successful experience as a leader of large organizations at a Fortune 500 company, her strong business acumen and her passion for helping others. Laurie is someone that I would recommend to others as they work to clarify personal and professional goals, remove known and unknown barriers and ultimately achieve more, while in a happier state.

- Chris Thompson, Sr Director

Working with Laurie helped me understand how to recognize old patterns and change them, and how to work through challenging situations/people from a calmer, wiser place.   She was a catalyst for helping me sort through a time of big change.  Laurie gently calls me on my BS which isn't always comfortable, but through it I get to the heart of whatever the main issue is. She has been a coach long before formal training.  She continues do to her own personal "work" which just deepens her compassion for others.

- Sandy Kovalak, Executive Assistant

I suddenly inherited a large team with a number of underperformers and was struggling with how to manage to all of their different needs, while still driving strong business results. Laurie’s coaching was invaluable. She helped me implement some valuable management techniques, and beyond that, she helped me to level-up my leadership skills by identifying my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Most importantly, she helped me get “real” with what I actually want and desire in a job and in life.

- Leslie Pobst, Strategy Consultant

Working with Laurie, I'm able to better manage my thoughts and therefore better manage my feelings - especially about work, which has been very challenging over the last several months.  The questioning of what I'm feeling and linking it back to what I'm thinking is so critical.  I manage the challenges at work SO much better than I would have even a few months ago.  This coaching couldn't have come at a better time.   Laurie has a great way of understanding and relating to what you are saying, but also challenging and questioning your thoughts.

- Joe Gracy, Sr Manager, Global Benefits

Laurie could see me as a whole person, my home life, and my work life—even my past and my present. She could relate to my issues, show her humanity, and make me feel understood while helping me see new perspectives to improve my outlook. Now I can hold circumstances more lightly.

- Jen Semsack

I started working with Laurie after an abrupt and unexpected change in my life. I wanted to move beyond anger and grief, and I wanted to feel happier and more confident. Working with Laurie has taught me how to see things differently. The tools she uses and the questions she asks have challenged my thinking and led to breakthroughs in many areas where I felt stuck. She is generous and compassionate, funny and real.

- Stacey Campbell