Listen to your answers and start living them.

Over 40% of what we do a day is habit, which means we put no conscious thought into it. This is why getting the most out of change is so hard. Our default mode won’t get us where we want to go.

Certified life coach for women Laurie Rodgers. Serving Seattle, Bellevue, and remotely via Skype anywhere in the U.S.

I've been in your shoes.

For twenty years I worked at Microsoft leading multi-site and international teams. I was successful, challenged and excited by my work. I was also slightly numb/safe but didn’t realize that at first.

I had to listen to my answers and start living them.

I had to get off the concrete paths in my life and take bigger risks, risks I was afraid to take and risks I wanted to take.

Laurie Rodgers is a certified and experienced life coach for busy, professional women. Seattle & Bellevue WA. Remote sessions available.

I'm passionate about helping people meet challenge with purpose and clarity. To have kindness and courage for themselves and their journey, and get into action.

Whether they're navigating:

  • Frustrating politics

  • Scaling in a new role

  • Difficult work partnerships

  • Staying focused through change

  • Figuring out balance

Through a series of powerful weekly sessions, you'll learn how to address problematic thoughts, meet challenging situations, to choose more clearly and stop letting other people impact how you feel, respond and operate.

(at bottom) I want you to feel confident and open to the growth you’re experiencing. To give yourself room to develop and to stand in your power while you do it.

Professional life coach Laurie Rodgers works with professional women who feel drained by career and want more from life. Seattle & Bellevue WA.