I love my clients. They are smart, brave, open people.  

I love that they want to really look at their lives, so they can step up and take responsibility for them. I appreciate their willingness to venture beyond the limitations of their past decisions and experiences—to love their lives now. Especially when it's so much easier to numb out and keep living the status quo, even though it's not working.

It takes courage to remove your mask.
It takes guts to understand yourself.

But that's what it takes to change.

And speaking from experience...it's so worth it.


I understand successful professionals who are stuck in their heads.  Who are risk takers, but relate to risk and failure as drowning.   These people (and perhaps this is you) feel like something’s not working.   They are frustrated with work and their lack of momentum, and are ready for a breakthrough.  

I truly get this place of discomfort. Because I've lived it.


Here's my story...

For twenty years I worked at Microsoft leading multi-site and international teams. I felt excited by my personal success and fulfilled by my work...until I didn't anymore. Then I was frustrated and “efforting” and not sure why.  

Despite the career achievements something was missing in my life and I didn't know what to do about it. I felt stuck. 

That's when I discovered life coaching. By working with a coach, I gained a deeper understanding of myself. I made it my goal to be who I really am in life, not who I think others need me to be. I also learned how to think on purpose. And I created a whole new relationship with fear and discomfort. Years later, I’m an experienced and certified life and career coach who helps other professionals do the same.

Here's what I can tell you for sure...

Most of us were raised to accept society's idea of successful living without question. We've gotten practical degrees, worked for impressive companies, lived in fantastic cities, and have designed lives that look glossy and good from a distance. The thing is...often this is not enough (and then we beat ourselves up for being dramatic and ungrateful).

When how you spend your waking hours is out of alignment with your deepest needs, you'll experience personal and professional situations that feel too confusing and/or intimidating to untangle.


I worked in management and leadership at Microsoft for twenty years.

I'm a certified life coach, having trained extensively through The Life Coach School.

I've completed the Martha Beck Institute's Life Coach Training program.


Here's my promise to you:

I am living what I teach.

I’m not afraid to be direct or blunt when you need it.  

I can see your repetitious patterns in ways you can't and will illuminate them so you can change them.

I'll bring a fresh, objective perspective to your situations.

I am 100% present and listening deeply when you speak.

I'll guide you to explore other possibilities. I'll help you make a new plan.

I'll sometimes crack you up with humor when you least expect it. And it will feel like relief.

I will gently push and keep you accountable even if you get frustrated.

I'll help you create structure as you design a new normal.

I'll translate the message that your heart has been trying to get your head to listen to.

I'll help you learn to trust yourself more.

When you 'don't know' how you feel or what you want, I'll help you tune in to the truth and find the words to share.